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Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Film & Window Tint

  • Is your conservatory too hot to use in the summer?

  • Expensive furniture, carpets and curtains fading?

  • Can’t watch the TV because of the sun's glare?

  • Would you like to see who is at the door without them being able to see you? We Have The Alternative To Expensive Blinds.


All of our installations are carried out by factory trained technicians. We only use the best window film & window tints on the market which guarantees that they will not crack, fade, peel or bubble for a period of 10 years. And every installation of our window film & window tint offers the following fantastic benefits:


Residential window tinting Berkshire
  • Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays

  • Blocks up to 78% of heat

  • Blocks up to 77% of glare

  • Keeps 100% of your view

  • Creates Privacy

  • Provides Safety and Security by holding glass together in the event of an accident or attempted break-in

  • Saves you thousands on expensive blinds

  • Maintenance free

  • Reduces fading to furniture, carpet, upholstery, wooden flooring, artwork etc

  • Reduces heat loss in winter


At Home Be Cool And Comfortable
Nothing feels better than sitting in your own conservatory on a sunny day, but with the heat and glare from the sun, we often find it too uncomfortable to use. Previously the only answer was to spend thousands of pounds on blinds which only partly solved the problem. However here at Arora Tints we have the answer while keeping 100% of your view, our film greatly reduces heat and glare and eliminates fading of your expensive furniture. It also provides privacy during the day, greatly increasing the enjoyment of your conservatory. Not only that, it is maintenance free!! You do nothing. It is always working, you don't even have to open or close it.

The Causes of Fading
Extended exposure to ultraviolet light and heat can negatively affect carpets, curtains and upholstery fabrics. Beautiful rich colours become faded and dull, patterns lose their clarity, and plain cloth becomes striped at the folds, even pale, subtle tones are adversely affected. Custom paint and wood finishes are also at risk, along with the art in your home. All this is caused by UV rays, so why put up with the destruction of your precious possessions when you can install window film & window tint and virtually eliminate this.

Reduce Glare
Glare is not only annoying it can be harmful and tiring on the eyes. Our window film & window tint can provide up to 80% reduction of glare and reflection while maintaining a crystal clear, unobscured view. This makes it easier to see the computer or television screen.

We can supply specialist privacy window films & window tints that have the added benefit that your view to the outside is unrestricted while people can't see in, allowing complete privacy. In addition, the window film & window tint give a smart uniform look which improves the exterior appearance of your home.


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